Does the Common Core Have a Common Effect? An Exploration of Effects on Academically Vulnerable Students is a new study by Joshua Bleiberg that is, thankfully, not behind a paywall.

Here’s another excerpt from it:

Academically vulnerable students whose families equipped them with the benefits of high SES in the form of economic capital benefitted when the CC raised expectations. However, for students from economically disadvantaged families that faced other barriers to academic success the CC backfired. Raising state expectations without addressing the structural issues burdening economically disadvantaged students will at best maintain the status quo. Higher expectations provide the greatest benefit to students when students also have the resources needed to succeed.


Of course, many of us who have been teaching in low-income communities have been saying from the beginning of Common Core that a new set of Standards was not very high on the list of things our students needed….

I’m adding this post to The Best Articles Sharing Concerns About Common Core Standards.