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Though critiques of The 1619 Project have been going on for awhile (see AUGUST 23RD IS “INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR THE REMEMBRANCE OF THE SLAVE TRADE AND ITS ABOLITION” – HERE ARE RELATED RESOURCES), the frenzy about Critical Race Theory and how it’s being used to stop educators from teaching about systemic racism is a line of attack from conservatives that I certainly did not see coming.

And it’s extremely dangerous.

I’ve shared some resources about it earlier, but it’s obviously important enough for a “Best” list.

Here are my recommendations of where to learn more:

What Is Critical Race Theory, and Why Is It Under Attack? is from Ed Week.

Why Conservatives Want To Cancel The 1619 Project is from The Atlantic.

What is critical race theory, and why do Republicans want to ban it in schools? is from The Washington Post.

Teachers Say Laws Banning Critical Race Theory Are Putting A Chill On Their Lessons is from NPR.

Critical race theory is a lens. Here are 11 ways looking through it might refine your understanding of history is from CNN.

How ‘critical race theory’ came to dominate education debates in Texas is from The Dallas News.

EXPLAINED: The Truth About Critical Race Theory and How It Shows Up in Your Child’s Classroom is from The Education Post.

We Found the Textbooks of Senators Who Oppose The 1619 Project and Suddenly Everything Makes Sense is from The Root.

Mitch McConnell rebuked by alma mater over 1619 Project comments is from Salon.

Understanding The Pushback Against Critical Race Theory In Schools is from NPR.

Texas bill to ban teaching of critical race theory puts teachers on front lines of culture war over how history is taught is from The Washington Post.

Disputing Racism’s Reach, Republicans Rattle American Schools is from The NY Times.

The Miseducation of White Children is from The Nation.

Teachers across the country protest laws restricting lessons on racism is from The Washington Post.

Why Everyone Is Wrong About Critical Race Theory In Schools: A Very Special Clapback Mailbag is from The Root.

Critical Race Theory Is a Convenient Target for Conservatives is from Slate.

What Florida’s “Critical Race Theory” Ban Tells Us About Anti-Antiracism is from Slate.

Three (Ignorant) Arguments Used to Ban Critical Race Theory is from The Education Post.

Conservatives Are Hellbent On Attacking Critical Race Theory. They’re Whitewashing Structural Racism. is from Mother Jones.

Republicans, spurred by an unlikely figure, see political promise in targeting critical race theory is from The Washington Post.

Texas’ ban on critical race theory in schools proves the GOP still doesn’t understand MLK’s message is from NBC News.

Critical race theory battle invades school boards — with help from conservative groups is from NBC News.


This NPR interview with Gloria Ladson-Billings is really good.

What the hysteria over critical race theory is really all about is from Vox.


Four Things Schools Won’t Be Able to Do Under ‘Critical Race Theory’ Laws is from Ed Week.

The War on History Is a War on Democracy is from The NY Times. Here’s a quote from it: “History is not therapy, and discomfort is part of growing up.”

What Is (and Isn’t) Critical Race Theory? A Closer Look at the Discipline Texas’ Governor Wants to ‘Abolish’ is from The 74.

Bills Banning Critical Race Theory Advance in States Despite Its Absence in Many Classrooms is from US News.

Critical Race Theory Bans Are a Political Ploy, Students and Teachers Say is from Teen Vogue.

This humorous video from The Daily Show only has one minor classroom inappropriate word at the end:

Teaching critical race theory isn’t happening in classrooms, teachers say in survey is from NBC News.

Teacher unions push back on debate over critical race theory is from Politico.

Teachers’ Unions Vow to Defend Members in Critical Race Theory Fight is from Ed Week.

Critical race theory battles are driving frustrated, exhausted educators out of their jobs is from NBC News.

Many Americans embrace falsehoods about critical race theory is from Reuters.

How Will Bans on ‘Divisive’ Classroom Topics Be Enforced? Here’s What 10 States Plan to Do is from Ed Week.

As states place new limits on class discussions of race, research suggests they benefit students is from Chalkbeat.

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The Moral Panic Over Critical Race Theory Is Coming for a North Carolina Teacher of the Year is from Mother Jones.

American Education Is Founded on White Race Theory is from The New Republic.


Republicans newly alarmed by critical race theory see bans as ‘more of a preventative’ is from NBC News.

Students need to learn about the haters and the helpers of our history is from The Washington Post.

A $5 Million Fine for Classroom Discussions on Race? In Tennessee, This Is the New Reality is from Education Week.

The Way Teachers Cover Race And Privilege Could Have Big Consequences In Tennessee is from NPR.

What Critical Race Theory Means for Teachers is from Heinemann.

Analysis: How State Critical Race Theory Bans Could Trickle Down to the Classroom — and What Schools, Teachers and Parents Can Do is from The 74.

How to stop worrying that CRT will corrupt your kids is from The L.A. Times.

Critical Race Theory and the New ‘Massive Resistance’ is from The 74.

Here’s what Black students have to say about ‘critical race theory’ bans is from NBC News.

‘Critical race theory’ roils a Tennessee school district is from Reuters.

Can there be a winner in the school culture wars? is from The Christian Science Monitor.

What the Critical Race Theory Panic Was Really About (and the Data to Prove It) is from Slate.

My Life is Proof That Critical Race Theory Is More Than a Fox News Talking Point is from Esquire.

EXPLAINER: So much buzz, but what is critical race theory? is from The Associated Press.

What the Polls Really Tell Us About How Critical Race Theory Affected the Virginia Election is from Slate.

The Last Time Democrats Tried to Combat a Slippery Concept Like “CRT” is from Slate.

How a School District Got Caught in Virginia’s Political Maelstrom is from The NY Times.

The Second Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. is from The Atlantic.

Most Republicans oppose teaching kids about the lingering effects of racism is from The Washington Post.

Parents protesting ‘critical race theory’ identify another target: Mental health programs is from NBC News.

New Hampshire governor condemns tweet offering a ‘bounty’ on teachers is from NBC News.

The Conservative War on Education That Failed is from The Atlantic.

Union asks education chief to resign over complaint form is from The Associated Press.

The Missing Voices In The Panic Over Critical Race Theory is from HuffPost.

Black parents say movement to ban critical race theory is ruining their children’s education is from CNN.

‘A dog whistle and a lie’: Black parents on the critical race theory debate is from The Washington Post

As parents protest critical race theory, students fight racist behavior at school is from NBC News.

In Texas, a Battle Over What Can Be Taught, and What Books Can Be Read is from The NY Times.

Where Are Black Parents’ Voices on Critical Race Theory? is from The Nation.

Op-Ed: King was a critical race theorist before there was a name for it is from The L.A. Times.

Opinion: Take it from a high schooler who’s actually learned about CRT: Adults need to chill out is from The Washington Post.

‘Corporate-sanctioned racism’? How war on critical race theory spread from schools to big business is from USA Today.

‘Let’s ban algebra, too!’ adds Fla. legislator who is clearly not three kids in a trench coat is from The Washington Post.

The purposes of the new education “transparency” bills is by Don Monynihan.

They fought critical race theory. Now they’re focusing on ‘curriculum transparency.’ is from NBC News.


From slavery to socialism, new legislation restricts what teachers can discuss is from NPR.

States weigh a raft of proposed laws to limit race, sexuality lessons in schools is from NBC News.

Youngkin’s ‘tip line’ to snitch on teachers suffers from this, too is from The Washington Post.

New critical race theory laws have teachers scared, confused and self-censoring is from The Washington Post.

New transparency bills would force teachers to post instructional materials is from The Washington Post.

Why Teachers Are Afraid to Teach History is from The New Republic.

Florida rejects math textbooks over ‘prohibited’ topics is from The Washington Post.

Florida Rejects Math Textbooks, Citing ‘Prohibited Topics’ is from The NY Times.

He Fuels the Right’s Cultural Fires (and Spreads Them to Florida) is from The NY Times.

How Anti-Critical Race Theory Bills Are Taking Aim At Teachers is from Five Thirty Eight.

White Parents Rallied to Chase a Black Educator Out of Town. Then, They Followed Her to the Next One. is from ProPublica.


Teachers union wants Democrats to fight back against Republicans’ critical race theory attacks is from NBC News.

“Critical race theory” is being weaponised. What’s the fuss about? is from The Economist.

The right-wing furore over critical race theory is manufactured, says Charles Siler is from The Economist.

Why the narrative that critical race theory ‘makes white kids feel guilty’ is a lie is from The Hechinger Report.

Critical Race Theory’s Merchants of Doubt is from TIME.


Important Review Of Research Showing Why We MUST Have Explicit Anti-Racist Classrooms

Ron DeSantis is pushing education in Florida much further right is from The Washington Post.

Infographic: Anti-CRT Measures Adopted by 28 U.S. States | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista