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I have a number of “Best” lists related to virtual field trips, and you can find them all at GREAT RESOURCES FOR CREATING & GOING ON VIRTUAL FIELD TRIPS.

This list is a little different, however.

The tools in this post let you specifically visit “window” views or video tours from different places around the world.

They are good for Geography classes, or for compare/contrast essays, or even for ELL classes when using the Language Experience Approach (where students do an activity and the co-construct sentences about what they did/saw).

Here’s what I have so far:

CityWalks lets you choose cities from around the world and then virtually take a walk through them (learn more at “CityWalks” Is A Fun Site For ELLs & All Geography Students).

WindowSwap lets you look out windows from homes all around the world (learn more at “WindowSwap” Is A Great Site For English Language Learners).

VidEarth has links to videos on a world map that show you the tours of those areas.


The Best “Around The World” Videos

The Best Sites For Learning About The World’s Different Cultures

One nice thing about the the videos on these sites is that I don’t think they are YouTube-based, which increases the likelihood that they won’t be blocked by school district filters.

Describing windows around the world is from On The Same Page.

Random Earth provides…random satellite images of the earth.

“English Sandwich” Is A Cool Cultural/Geographical Game Where You Have To Correctly Say Where Dishes Are From

Explordle, despite its name, is not a Wordle-ripoff. It’s a Geography game that shows you a short video and then provides you with a few choices. Based on what you saw, you have to pick the correct place where the video was made.

Wonders of Street View: some activity ideas is from On the same page.

This is from Recommendo:

A new genre of experiences has emerged on YouTube. A bunch of channels offer quiet walks in high resolution. The creators hold a stabilized high def camera with binaural audio and walk around Tokyo at night, or Times Square in snow, or London in the rain, or the back alleys of New Delhi, all without narration. I can hear the ambient sounds and see all the ordinary things usually edited out of sizzle reels.  It really feels like I am there. These virtual walks allow me to travel without traveling. Some folks just watch for the soothing calm it gives them. I enjoy the tiny distinctive details of places I am “returning” to and a way to check out places I’d like to go. There are dozens if not hundreds of channels, often specializing in regions. A few I watch: Nomadic Ambience (NYC, Japan, Iceland), Virtual Japan (Japan),  Watched Walker (London, Paris, Spain), Keezi Walks (India, China, Vietnam, South America). Google “quiet virtual walk” for your destination.

See sunsets from around the world here.

Beyond Textbooks: Free TV Channels Access from all over the World is from Blog de Cristina.