Last month, I posted Students Will Have A Lot Of Fun Easily Creating Music With These Three Google Tools.

It shared some new easy-to-use online music tools from music that I added to The Best Online Sites For Creating Music.

There are a lot of ways to use these tools in class.  As I wrote then:

I use them as part of the Language Experience Approach (LEA)  with English Language Learners.  Simply put, LEA means that students do something, and then they can write and talk about what they did.

Many students love to compose music, share it, and then they can write about the process they used to create it.  I also sometimes have them write about what they saw in their minds when they played it, and what they see when they listen to their classmates’ compositions.

Google just shared yet another online music tool call Paint With Music.

Here’s how they describe it:

Paint with Music is an interactive experience that connects two major forms of artistic expression: painting and musical composition. That means — with the help of machine learning — you can turn a paintbrush into a musical instrument that translates the movement of your brushstrokes into musical notes performed by an instrument of your choice. A wide range of canvases, from the sky to the ocean, are ready to take your composition to the next level by incorporating special sound effects unique to each setting. Try it now on your desktop or Android device.