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I often get asked for advice about teaching English internationally – either in-person or online.

And I know absolutely nothing about it (though I certainly have gained some online teaching experience – that I hope to never repeat – during the pandemic).

So, I figured I’d start a list including resources from people and organizations I trust, and hope that others will contribute more.

Here’s what I have so far (and it’s just the beginning):

Teaching Opportunities Outside the United States is from TESOL.

I want to work in TEFL & Teaching Abroad is from The University of Kent.

I’m not familiar with John Bardos, but his Teach English Abroad looks very helpful (though I also don’t know how current it is).

Teaching English Abroad is from The University of Washington.

10 Best Places to Teach English Abroad in 2022 is from Bridge.

Quakes in the Landscape of China’s English Language Education System is from Bridge Universe

This is an older, but still very useful, interview with the great David Deubelbeiss on teaching English in Korea.

Speaking of David, he was kind enough to share some additional recommendations for me to include here:

Check TEFL.com and TESOL for job listings.

He also recommends the job board from Bridge, as well as additional resources from them.

It’s important to be careful of recruiters, but he likes Footprints.