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Here are today’s additions to The Best Posts Predicting (& Showing) What Schools Look Like During The Pandemic:

The White House, concerned about rates among young people, will make a new push for students to get shots. is from The NY Times.

Behind D.C.’s scramble to get teens vaccinated before school starts is from The Washington Post.

4 Ways to Keep Staff and Students Safe From the Delta Variant is from Ed Week.

Majorities Support Face Mask Mandates for Unvaccinated in Schools, Poll Finds is from US News.

America’s Children Head Back to School Amid Growing Uncertainty is from US News.

The head of the most powerful U.S. teachers’ union signals an openness to vaccine mandates. is from The NY Times.

‘Literally losing our workforce’: Florida schools defy DeSantis’ anti-mask order is from Politico.