I spent some time today beginning to wrap my head around classes for the next school year (that does not mean I spent time thinking about how to handle the large numbers of students who will likely be in-and-out of quarantine – I’ll hold off thinking about that).

I put out a question on social media asking how it was possible to copy an existing assignment from a previous year’s Google Classroom and learned from several people that it was actually possible to copy an entire year’s worth of Google Classroom assignments from the previous year!  All the assignments then show up as “drafts” in the new Google Classroom.

The instructions from Google on how to do it are here. 

Basically, you click on the three dots and then click on “copy” (see screenshot above).

It doesn’t copy student work.  It also doesn’t seem to copy materials, which is unfortunate.

Everybody else might have known how to do this, but it was certainly a pleasant surprise to me.

I’m adding this info to A Beginning List Of The Best Resources For Learning About Google Classroom.