L.A. Unified to meet Thursday over COVID vaccine mandate for students; approval likely is a new L.A. Times article about an important move being made in Los Angeles.

Obviously, for now, it would only impact students who are twelve or older.

It makes sense – we’re all seeing the havoc quarantining is having on schools.  That would continue in elementary schools, but a mandate would likely reduce that happening in secondary schools (though not eliminate it because, as we all know, vaccinated people can still transmit the virus and there can be breakthrough infections).

Of course, a student vaccine mandate would also have a positive impact on the wider community’s health.

Oakland is considering it this week, also, and I assume L.A.’s approval will likely start a bandwagon effect for district’s like ours, which never wants to be the first in anything but often will copy what others have done.

Also, see The NY Times article: L.A. is poised to become the first major U.S. school district to mandate vaccinations for students.