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I periodically publish student writing in my Education Week column (see Student Voices).

If you might be interested in having your students write 300-500 words responding by September 30th to the prompt at the bottom of this post, I would be happy to consider publishing it in Education Week.

You would need to choose up to four of them that you thought were particularly insightful (you could tell your students that I make the final choices if you want) and then ask those students to have their parents write in an email “I give permission for my child, ___________, to have his/her essay published in Education Week,” which you could then forward to me.

Here’s the prompt:

How does it feel to be back in school? What feels good, bad, or strange? What are you looking forward to and what are you worried about? What are teachers doing to make you feel welcome, safe and supported, and what more could they do?

Send them to me at mrferlazzo at aol dot com or you can share them on a Google Doc by dming me on Twitter or sending me a message on Facebook.

I’ll look forward to hearing what your (and my) students have to say!