Figures in the Sky is an interactive demonstrating how different cultures view, and have viewed, the stars.

Here’s a description:

No matter where you are on Earth, we all look up to the same sky during the dark nights. You might see a different section of it depending on your exact location, time & season, nevertheless the stars have fascinated humans across time and continents.

Our own creativity combined with stories about local legends and myths have created a diverse set of different constellations. And even though the stars don’t change, people have found many different shapes in the same sky. From humans, to animals, to objects, and even abstract concepts.

The same sky, different figures

Let’s compare 28 different “sky cultures” to see differences and similarities in the shapes they’ve seen in the night sky. Ranging from the so-called “Modern” or Western constellations, to Chinese, Maori and even a few shapes from historical cultures such as the Aztecs.


I’m adding it to The Best Sites For Learning About The World’s Different Cultures.