This was a surprise!

After the CDC advisory panel yesterday recommended that health care workers and others not receive COVID vaccine booster shots, the CDC Director just overruled them.

You can read about it in The NY Times article, C.D.C. Chief Overrules Agency Panel and Recommends Pfizer-BioNTech Boosters for Workers at Risk.

I was literally the first in line at the vaccine clinic our district hosted at the district office earlier in the year, and I’m eager to get the booster shot.

In related news, our union is recommending a vaccine mandate for all students and teachers in our district, along with mandatory testing.  We had proposed mandatory testing last month, but the district rejected the proposal.  But since more and more California districts are adopting mandates, and our district tends to go along with what others do instead of wanting to be seen as on the cutting-edge, their response may be different this time.