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We’re almost two months into the new school year, and what a two months it has been (and what a school year it will be).

I’m teaching English, World History, and Government/Economics to Intermediate & Newcomer English Language Learners,  and two International Baccalaureate Theory of Knowledge classes.

The classes are keeping me on my toes.

I thought readers might, or might not, be interested in hearing what resources I’m primarily using in each class.



The most important resource I’m using in this class, and in all my ELL classes, are many peer tutors (see ARE SCHOOLS OVERLOOKING AN OBVIOUS STRATEGY THEY CAN IMPLEMENT IMMEDIATELY TO ACCELERATE LEARNING? PEER TUTORS!).

As far as texts for this class go, I’m using some of the EDGE materials from National Geographic Learning with Intermediates and, to a lesser extent, with Newcomers.   The EDGE “Grammar & Writing Practice Book” is particularly useful, and I reinforce those lessons daily with Quizizz games.  I use much-modified WRITE Institute resources for writing with Intermediates, and the Picture Word Inductive Model with Newcomers.

There are several sites that students use for independent practice, including:

Raz-Kids (costs $100 for a classroom subscription, and is worth the cost out of my pocket) offers tons of books with audio support.  Intermediates & Newcomers use it.

Quill is free and is an example of a great adaptive learning – like site that lets students take periodic “diagnostics” on grammar and writing, and then recommends simple and short follow-up exercises based on the diagnostic results.  Intermediates & Newcomers use it.

Duolingo For Schools (also free).  Newcomers use it.

Epic! is free, and offers tons of books, including many with audio support.  Intermediates primarily use it.

Brainpop ELL.   Our District pays for it.  Newcomers use it.

Lingo Hut (free).  Newcomers primarily use it.

Learning Chocolate (free).  Newcomers primarily use it.

I really like, and so do the Newcomers who are Spanish-speakers (see HOW HAVE I NOT HEARD OF “INGLES.COM” OR “SPANISHDICT” BEFORE NOW?).


ELL World History

We use the ACCESS World History textbook, and supplement it with Brainpop videos, Nearpod activities, and EdPuzzle resources. Most of the Brainpop videos have “tests” that have been gamified on either Quizizz or Kahoot. Supplemental activities can be found on our World History class blog.


ELL Government

I like the United States Government student text from Pro-Ed.  I supplement it with Brainpop, Nearpod and EdPuzzle activities.


ELL Economics

I like the Lifeskills Handbooks from Saddleback. I supplement them with Brainpop, Nearpod and EdPuzzle activities.


IB Theory of Knowledge

I’m pretty much sticking to the sequence I developed last year.  We’re using the Hodder Education TOK textbook, which I thought was – by far – the most accessible one using the new TOK curriculum.


Well, that’s what I have so far.  I’m assuming that I’ll be learning about new resources that I’ll be trying out.

Let me know what I’m missing!