I have written about Quizizz countless times – it’s one of my favorite online tools.

It has so many features!

One of my many favorite ways to use it with ELLs is to record an answer or a question (it has an easy recording feature), and then have students choose the correct question or answer.

They’ve recently add the ability for creators to add questions that require participants to draw the answer – they can use their mouse or finger on a smartphone or tablet.

It obviously can’t accurately analyze if the response is correct (“Draw a car”; “Draw a dog”), but it could be a quick and fun formative assessment since a teacher would be able to check what each student drew almost immediately (in fact, while they are drawing the next one!).

Yes, of course, you could the same thing by having students draw on mini-whiteboards in response to a verbal question – and I’ve done that many times.

However, doing it on Quizizz can “mix things up” and also provides an easy permanent record.