As we close 2021, a number of things I’ve written will be published over the next seven days, and I think some educators will find them useful:

*My eleventh annual round-up of the best and worst education news will appear at The Washington Post.  You can see what I wrote about previous years here.

* My annual education predictions will also appear at the Post.  My predictions for 2021 were in a little different format from all the other years.

* Education Week will publish a piece I’ve written as Part Two in a series on what is – and isn’t – working this year for schools.  You can see Part One here.

* I’ll be publishing a post here on Things I’ll Be Doing Differently in January.

* Lastly, Katie Hull and I are – today! – finishing reviewing the galley proofs of the second edition of The ESL/ELL Teacher’s Survival Guide.  It should be out in early April, and is available for pre-order.  It’s 20o pages longer than the first edition!


Best wishes, and good luck, to all of us!