I, like many grandparents, made up stories to tell my grandchildren.

At the time, I didn’t think of turning them into books for them to read.

Now, though, I have younger grandkids again, and decided it would be nice to turn my stories into paper books for them to read (as well as reading them aloud to them).

I figured there had to be some super-easy online tools out there that enable people to quickly turn their stories into children’s books.

And, I was right!

BookBildr lets you do it with their collection of ready-made illustrations, and you can get a 24 page physical book for under $18.

I would think, however, that some entrepreneur would have created a tool to make it even more simple by using Artificial Intelligence so you can just type in the story and they automatically supply the images (see The Best Tools That “Automatically” Create Presentations).

Are you aware of any tools like that, or others that might be better than BookBildr?