“Wordle” used to be most known in the education world as a now-defunct pioneering word cloud tool, but no longer!

Here are some resources useful to educators:


Learning in Hand has posted Wordle Inspired Games for the Classroom. It shares many more tools offering similar games.

Teachers Are Obsessed With Wordle, Too. See How They’re Using It at School is from Education Week.

Let’s Wordle Some Vocabulary is from Carol’s Teaching Scrapbook.

How to Teach With Wordle is from Tech Learning.

Multiplayer Wordle lets you play with up to eight others online.

You can now play the entire archive of past ‘Wordle’ puzzles is from Mashable.

Why Wordle Works, According to Desmos Lesson Developers is by Dan Meyer.

Phonics & Wordle: How Two Teachers Are Using the Viral Word Game is from Ed Week.

What Educators Can Learn From Wordle’s Success is from Ed Week.


Wordle Cup lets you play a Wordle-type game, but in virtual rooms where you can compete with friends.

Wordle With Friends is another version where you can play with friends and classmates in a private virtual room.  I’m also adding this to The Best Online Games Students Can Play In Private Virtual “Rooms”

My Wordle is another tool for creating your own Wordle-like games.

Wordle For Kids “contains a dictionary of words for children up to 8th grade and has a word length from 3 to 11 letters.”


Computing Worderama only uses Computer Science words.

What Is Wordle? 5 Ways To Use The Latest Puzzle Craze In The Classroom is from The Aside Blog.

DIY Wordle lets you create your own Wordle-like game.

Spardle is a Wordle-like game you can play with classmates in a virtual room.

Globle is another Geography-like Wordle game.

Spello is a Wordle-like game designed to help students with their spelling skills.

LandBot Wordle is another word game.

There’s a Big Advantage to Playing Wordle in Other Languages is from Slate.

Colludle is a Wordle-like game that can be played collaboratively by up to six people on video.

Using Wordle in the Math Classroom is from Edutopia.

We Wordle lets you play online with one person of your choice. You can’t play it as a class online

The Top 10 Wordle Like Map Games is from Google Maps Mania.

Artle is like Wordle, but for…art.

Speaking of games, Squardle is a version of Worldle that is more like a Word Search.

Check out A Quick and Easy Way to Make Your Own Wordle-like Game from Richard Byrne.

Two Ways to Make Your Own Wordle-style Games is from Richard Byrne.

Want to play Wordle against your friends? Try Word Fight. is from The Washington Post.

Here’s a repository of all the different Wordle versions from around the world.

Here’s another huge compilation of different types of Wordle-like games on the Web.

Wordle is a “mash-up of Streetview and Wordle.”