I’m adding these new resources to various “Best” lists. You can find links to all of those many lists that relate to race and racism at “Best” Lists Of The Week: Resources For Teaching & Learning About Race & Racism:

Op-Ed: King was a critical race theorist before there was a name for it is from The L.A. Times. I’m adding it to The Best Websites For Learning About Martin Luther King, Jr. and to RESOURCES FOR LEARNING ABOUT ATTACKS ON “CRITICAL RACE THEORY,” THE 1619 PROJECT & ATTEMPTS TO STOP EDUCATORS FROM TEACHING ABOUT SYSTEMIC RACISM.

Opinion: Take it from a high schooler who’s actually learned about CRT: Adults need to chill out is from The Washington Post.

The Micropedia shares everything you should know about microaggressions.

I’m adding this tweet to The Best Resources For Teaching About Confederate Monuments: