Minneapolis teachers remain on strike today.

Here in Sacramento today, over 95% of teachers AND classified staff (about 95% of the entire Sacramento City Unified School District’s workforce) voted to go on strike if the district leadership doesn’t make substantial changes in how it’s operating, including providing adequate staff support for students.  Their ability to provide that support is not helped by  a number of  their ridiculous demands, such as what is, in effect, a pay cut,  insisting teachers pay a huge amount more for health insurance AND for retiree health benefits, plus a subsequent five-year pay freeze.  Yup, lots of teachers will want to come to a district with that perspective.

And, that’s just for starters.

An even slightly larger percentage of both unions earlier supported a vote of no-confidence in our Superintendent.

Things should get clearer next week with the release of a “fact-finders” report, which I would bet dollars to donuts is not going to show the district in a particularly positive light.