I’ve previously shared some important research that has highlighted the importance of “adaptive learning” (see WHAT WORKS CLEARINGHOUSE PUBLISHES ONLINE LEARNING RESEARCH REVIEW – POINTS TO ADAPTIVE LEARNING & GAMES).

Adaptive learning basically means if one of our students is using a tech tool for learning, let’s say math or grammar, the program will automatically identify what they are doing well (and make the next problem more challenging) or what they are having some difficulties with (and make the next problem one that will help them do better).

Here’s what I’ve previously written about adaptive learning:

Quill is an example of a great adaptive learning – like site that lets students take periodic “diagnostics” on grammar and writing, and then recommends simple and short follow-up exercises based on the diagnostic results.

The Progress Principle shows that achieving small regular wins are a key to creating the conditions to nurture intrinsic motivation, and Quill-like sites are ideal for facilitating those “wins” when students are not in class with us.

Though there are plenty of similar math sites, others are few and far between (Scootpad and No Read Ink appear to have some similar elements for English Language Arts; Brainpop ELL also has adaptive elements). Jeremy Hertz from Quill just did tell me today, though:

We just recently added filters for teachers to be able to find activities aligned to specific subjects and content areas. We’re also releasing, in the near future, some newer, more subject aligned activities involving reading comprehension.


Today, Google announced that they are going to integrate a math adaptive learning program into Google Classroom.  You can read more about it here, and watch the video about it that’s embedded at the bottom of this post.

I’m interested in hearing from math teachers about what they think about it (Google hasn’t given any indication they are thinking about doing it with any other subject other than math).

I’m adding this post to  A Beginning List Of The Best Resources For Learning About Google Classroom.