(Note: This on-going series is about reopening schools around the country in light of the pandemic. We are presently on strike, resulting in the closing of schools in our district because our district leadership is not taking seriously the changes that need to be made to deal with effects of the pandemic on our students and teachers. See other posts on this blog for up-to-date reports on our job action.)


Ordinarily, I’d add these new articles and videos to The Best Posts Predicting (& Showing) What Schools Look Like During The Pandemic. However, that list is just getting too massive.  So, in the future, if you want to find these in one place, click here:

Schools Want to ‘Accelerate’ Student Learning. Here’s What That Means is from Ed Week. I love Ed Week, and am a columnist for them, but I just don’t think this is as helpful to teachers as it could have been, and overlooks lots of accelerating learning strategies. Nevertheless, there are some tidbits that could be useful, so I’m adding it to THE BEST RESOURCES ABOUT ACCELERATED LEARNING.

Tutors take center stage as students try to make up pandemic losses is from NBC News.