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Our strike has reach Twilight Episode territory.

Here’s a report from our union which, as a member of the bargaining team I can attest is accurate (I don’t see anyway to actually link this report to the union source):

The District’s behavior over the last week has been erratic. First, the District refused to bargain over the entire weekend, then came to mediation on Monday unprepared. Next, after saying it needed 15 minutes to caucus, it kept our bargaining team waiting for six hours and then released its proposals to the public in violation of mediation rules. We have filed an unfair labor practice charge with PERB over the District’s ethical and legal breach.

The next day, the District refused to meet face-to-face in the virtual meeting room and then made two identical proposals on the same day and tried to claim they were different. After we rejected the district proposal and offered a counterproposal through the mediators, the District then claimed it was waiting for a counterproposal. When the state of California’s elected leader in education calls the parties together to try to move the discussion toward a settlement, the District refuses to attend. It’s no wonder that the administrators represented by UPE added their voices to those who have no confidence in Superintendent Aguilar’s leadership.

So, our union has sent the district, again, our counter proposal, even though we gave it to them earlier in the week.

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