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The World Cup doesn’t begin in Qatar until November, but I figured now would be a good time to begin a “Best” list.

I’ll obviously be adding to it as time progresses.

I’ll begin with a few new resources, and grab some relevant ones from these previous World Cup “Best” lists:

The Best Sites For Learning About The 2018 World Cup In Russia

The Best Sites For Learning About The 2014 World Cup In Brazil

The Best Sites For Learning About The World Cup


Here are links useful for this year’s World Cup:

Thinking About Going to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar? Here’s What to Know. is from The NY Times.

I’ve published two posts at The New York Times for English Language Learners that focus on soccer: one on Lionel Messi and the other on a Mexican girls soccer team.

Learn about synonyms and the World Cup in my third New York Times post for English Language Learners on soccer.

Note that, for some reason, if you click on a NY Times lesson you might receive an error message at first.  If that happens, just refresh the page and it will work.

Of course, there’s the official World Cup site.

A Brief History Of The World Cup is a TIME Slideshow.

Here are three interactives from The Guardian:

The World Cup’s top 100 footballers of all time – interactive

World Cup kits through the ages – interactive guide

How to teach … the World Cup 2014 is a treasure trove from The Guardian that has resources and ideas applicable to this year’s event.

Here’s a great interactive from The NY Times on some star players.

Football and motivation is a World Cup lesson for English Language Learners.

The Common Craft #SoccerGuide comes from…Common Craft.

Photos: The World’s Game is from the NY Times.

10 things non-soccer fans need to know about the World Cup is from Vox.

HOW WE PLAY THE GAME is a NY Times interactive.

Stop the Ball is a fun interactive from The New York Times.

Battle Cries is a wonderful interactive from The NY Times.

The split-second psychology of football is from The BBC.

The Clubs That Connect The World Cup is a NY Times interactive.

Watch the Most Beautiful Free Kicks in World Cup History is from Slate.

How We Play The Game is another neat interactive from the NY Times.

What language does soccer speak? is from Al Jazeera.

A Look Back at Iconic World Cup Moments is from Slate.

World Cup 2018: Everything you need to know in seven charts is from the BBC.


Photos: Soccer Fields Around the World is from The Atlantic.

Though these lessons were designed for the last World Cup, most of the ideas can be applied to this one, too:

Why the World Cup Needs Music is from The NY Times.

All Eyes On the World Cup is a photo gallery from The Boston Globe.


Infographic: Super Bowl Pales in Comparison to the Biggest Game in Soccer | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

World Cup 2022: complete guide to all 831 players is from The Guardian.

The World Cup’s Forgotten Team is from The NY Times.

The making of a World Cup kit is from The Washington Post.

Both of these infographics are from Visual Capitalist:


The World Cup as Teachable Moment? How One Teacher Approached It is from Ed Week.

For Teachers: Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 Lesson Plan

FIFA Football for Schools