I invited David Deubelbeiss, the founder of ELT Buzz and the creator of my resources for ELLs and ELL teachers, to write about his newest resource:

I created ELT Buzz Video to highlight the best videos for teaching English.  There is a lot to consider when thinking about a “best” video and my own deep experience in this area is highlighted through the platform.  See the free “teacher helpers” about how to best use video in the ELT classroom. 

Video is the new textbook. It has many affordances that a coursebook can only dream of. It’s such a malleable material and especially great as authentic input providing students with “messages they want to hear” (Krashen, 2009). What’s difficult for teachers is finding, sources truly great videos on a plethora of topics they might be teaching. That’s where ELT Buzz Video steps in. We’ve done that heavy lifting for teachers. 

The platform is like Netflix or Youtube but especially designed to inspire and supplement English language teaching.  Search or browse through a variety of levels and themes, register to favorite videos and make your own list for future reference. “Go Dark” and turn off all the distractions – students focus on just the video itself. It’s mobile or browser friendly. 

In addition, teachers may subscribe for one low, non-recurring fee and download all the lesson materials supporting all of the over 2,000 videos on the platform. New video lessons added daily. Yes, daily!  Teachers using TpTs may also find our materials there

Join the video teaching and learning revolution. We aren’t some soulless tech platform. It’s “for teachers, by teachers” and we are here to support your teaching, offer advice, answer questions. 


Ed Note: I’m adding this post to The Best Popular Movies/TV Shows For ESL/EFL.