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We still have a few weeks to go until the end of our school year, but I invited students in all my classes to complete anonymous evaluations late last week.

I do this every year (see Best Posts On Students Evaluating Classes (And Teachers) ), and explain in advance that I will make the results public.

I’ll begin today with the evaluation results from my Intermediate English class.

I’m not going to share the answers from all the questions, but you can see the actual survey here.

Students were generally very positive about the class and me.

However, I did want to share responses to the main question that I found most interesting and helpful, and that I thought readers would find useful.


I’ve previously written about how impressed I am with Quill and its adaptive learning features. Apparently, my students agree.

I have also previously posted – often – about Quizizz and its many amazing features. Again, it looks like my students tend to agree.

There’s basically a tie for third place between “Writing Essays” (several students specifically highlighted how much they liked and learned from writing about an Autobiographical Incident), Duolingo, and an activity we do at the beginning of each class where students need to ask and answer a question in small groups with peer tutors, and then each group has two people share in front of the class.

I’m not surprised that “peer tutors” didn’t rank very high because they are primarily utilized in the Newcomer ELL class in my adjacent room that is now taught by my student teacher.


I’ll be sharing more details from the survey results of the other classes.