There are several online tools that let you input the url address of a text or email, or let you paste your own text into it, and then the site automatically “outputs” interactive questions or games to test student comprehension.

I’ve had some concerns about these kinds of tools in the past (which is why I have the “Best” in the headline in quotation mark) since some, at least, did not let you edit them once they were created.  That might or might not still be an issue – I just haven’t checked them recently.  If you can edit them, these tools can be timesavers and excellent ways to help students learn.

Several, though not all, of the tools I’m listing here have been specifically created to help language learners, though they can obviously be used for other students, too.

I’m sure there are others out there – please let me know what I’m missing!

Here’s what I have right now:



The wonderful IslCollective will turn any YouTube video into an interactive vocabulary or grammar game.

Knowt will automatically create flashcards quizzes from a document you upload. You can learn more about it from Richard Byrne.

Yippity will use Artificial Intelligence to create a quiz out of any text you paste into it.

Rewordify is an amazing tool and has been on The Best Places To Get The “Same” Text Written For Different “Levels” for years.  However, I recently learned from Blog de Cristina that it also now allows you to automatically create quizzes.

Quizgecko use AI to create automatic quizzes from any document or url address.

Quiz Growth is supposed to create quizzes automatically from url addresses.

QuestGen will automatically generate questions for any text, including ones on Bloom’s Taxonomy levels.

This AI Tool Generates Reading Comprehension Questions for Any Article is from Richard Byrne.

Conker lets you use AI to create multiple choice quizzes about any subject and/or quizzes about text to paste into it.

Prep AI will prepare questions, etc. about your content.  It has an okay free plan.

AI Quiz Maker will make…quizzes automatically out of inputted text.

Brain Buzz automatically creates quizzes from uploaded documents.

Quiz Wizard

Diffit looks  likes a nice tool for teachers to use for creating differentiated materials and more.

LEARNING GAMES & ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (scroll down to read about Quizizz).

Quillionz lets you automatically create questions/quizzes.

CramJam  automatically creates quizzes from uploaded PDFs.

PDF To Quiz does what it’s name says.

Reading Dojo automatically creates reading passages and comprehension questions.

Create My Test lets you automatically…create tests from documents.