Canva is becoming the “go-to” site for many teachers who are creating just about anything.

I’m a beginner at it, and here are the resources I’m using to learn more:

The Canva for Education site itself is a good place to start.

Richard Byrne’s Canva video playlist.

Canva Tutorial for Teachers – How to Create a Worksheet with Canva is from ESL Teacher.

10 Ways for Teachers to Use Canva in the Classroom is from The MerrillsEdu.

10 ways to take your lessons to the next level with Canva is from Canva, as is this list of tutorials.


Canva has made lots of changes and upgrades, including adding the ability to create a website. Learn all about them here.


Five Steps to Student Podcasting with Canva is from TechNotes.

Two Canva Tools That Will Amaze You is from TechNotes.

Introducing Canva’s biggest education launch (focusing on AI tools) is from Canva.

Canva Magic Studio Makes Creative Magic Possible is from Tech Notes.

Five Canva Hacks for Fun, Creativity, and Productivity is from TechNotes.

Canva’s Charts App: Easily Design Beautiful Charts and Graphs is from TechNotes.

Use Canva Magic Studio to Amplify Your Message is from TechNotes.

Let me know what I’m missing!