Alexas_Fotos / Pixabay


My newest book, The Student Motivation Handbook: Fifty Ways To Boost An Intrinsic Desire To Learn, is done, and will be published by Routledge at the beginning of 2023.

It’s my fourth, and probably final, one on the topic of student motivation.  You can learn about my previous three, and get lots of free sources from them, at A Look Back: Free Resources From All “My” Books.

In addition to sharing fifty practical strategies on how to create the conditions in classrooms to support student intrinsic motivation to learn, it also includes fifty questions to ask to ensure those strategies are implemented in a culturally responsive way.

My friend, colleague and frequent co-author, Katie Hull Sypnieski, wanted to take a summer off from book-writing, so this one is a solo effort.  However, she graciously agreed to edit it.  She thinks the book is pretty good and, believe me, she would have told me if she believed otherwise.

However, no more rest for Katie!  We’re now working on a second edition of The ELL Teacher’s Toolbox, and have signed a contract for a book after that geared towards general education teachers.