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The media is awash with reports on the “teacher shortage.”

I have been less-than-impressed with most of their reporting.

However, there have been a few pieces that seem to have gotten it right.

(By the way, talk of a “teacher shortage” is nothing new – it was all the rage seven years ago, when I published The Best Articles & Posts About The “Teacher Shortage”).

Here they are (you might also be interested in The Best Posts & Articles About The Importance Of Teacher (& Student) Working Conditions):

This is a good piece by Anne Lutz Fernandez: There are lots of bad ideas for solving the teacher shortage, but not enough for improving the profession.

Are teachers leaving the classroom en masse? is from Vox.

Decades of villainization caused our mass teachers’ exodus appeared in The Hill.

Is there a national teacher shortage? A systematic examination of reports of teacher shortages in the United States is a paper with an accompanying website.

How Bad Is the Teacher Shortage? Depends Where You Live. is from The NY Times.

How Bad Is the Teacher Shortage? What Two New Studies Say is from Ed Week.