Last week, I published TEACHING ENGLISH THROUGH USING AI FOR ART CREATION, where I shared resources and sought ideas on how to use tools like DALL*E to help teach English.

This week, I learned about DALL·E-dle, which offers an idea on how to do just that.

The game shows two different images that DALL*E generated from the same prompt. Then, you’re given four choices of the potential prompt, and challenged to choose the correct one.

Though the prompts in the game would be too complex for ELL Newcomers, students themselves could use the idea to create similar challenges for their classmates.

In addition, this game gave me the idea of doing something similar with photos – I could share photos, along with various captions, and challenge students to choose the correct one.

In a lot of ways, this kind of teaching strategy is similar to the one used in the great book, Back & Forth: Photocopiable Cooperative Pair Activities for Language Development That shares several very similar images. A student describes one of them, and then another student has to select the one that is being described.

Not only are the examples in that book great to use in class, but I often then have students create their own series of similar images to use.