The big edtech news today was Lego announced that they had purchased Brainpop.

You can read the details at Ed Surge’s article, Lego’s Parent Company Acquires Edtech Firm BrainPOP, and at The Wall Street Journal’s piece, Lego Owner to Acquire Education-Technology Firm Brainpop.

It sounds like they hope to increase parent subscriptions and to expand around the world.

I, and I’m sure many other teachers, hope they don’t mess-up their school offerings at the same time.

Though their ELL program has never excited my high school students (they seem to be geared towards somewhat younger learners), their English, Social Studies, and Science videos, along with Brainpop, Jr. and their Spanish-language videos have been huge assets to our English Language Learners, and the activities connected to the videos are great, too.

My fingers are crossed….