I’m continuing with my end-of-year “Best” list posts…

You can see all previous Social Studies lists here.

Here picks for this year – so far:



Last Seen has been on The Best Sites Where Students Can Transcribe Historical Texts list for awhile because it offers students, and anyone else, the opportunity to help transcribe old ads from formerly enslaved people who were searching for family members. They’ve now expanded their website to include excellent lessons, and examples of student work created from them, for teachers to use. I’m adding this info to: The Best Sites To Teach About African-American History and USEFUL RESOURCES FOR LEARNING ABOUT THE 400TH ANNIVERSARY OF BRINGING ENSLAVED AFRICANS TO AMERICA.

Ideas That Changed The World is an interesting site on Google Arts and Culture.I’m adding it to The Best “Lists Of Lists” Of Influential People, Events & Ideas.

After you input some data about yourself into Population.io, it will show you a lot of different info about how you fit into the world’s population, including how your age and life expectancy compare to others. I’m adding it to The Best Resources For Learning About Our World’s Population Of 7 Billion.

Teaching With The News is from Brown University, and offers a regularly updated collection of  very well-thought-out and complete lesson plans on current events – all for free. I’m adding it to The Best Resources & Ideas For Teaching About Current Events and to The Best Places To Find Free (And Good) Lesson Plans On The Internet.

Where International Communities Cluster is an interactive created by The Pudding that shows where in the U.S. different immigrant communities tend to settle. I’m adding it to The Best Sites For Learning About Immigration In The United States,

Notable Women is from Google, and shares famous (or ones who should have been famous) women from history with images on a dollar bill, along with a short bio. I’m assuming, though don’t know for sure, that the effort to put Harriet Tubman’s image on the twenty-dollar bill prompted the site. The site also includes lesson plans for teachers. I’m adding it to The Best Sites For Learning About Women’s History.

Point In History shows boundaries around the world and throughout history. You might also be interested in “HISTORIC BORDERS” SHOWS YOU….BORDERS THROUGHOUT HISTORY.

Facing History is one of the most useful websites out there – and not just for Social Studies teachers.  I’ve used their resources in all the classes I teach, including English, History and IB Theory of Knowledge. Recently, they unveiled their newly redesigned website.

Forces of Nature is a National Geographic site with tons of resources on tornados, hurricanes, volcanoes and earthquakes. It’s so extensive that I’m adding it to:

The Best Websites For Learning About Natural Disasters

The Best Sites For Learning About Hurricanes

The Best Resources For Learning About The Tornadoes

The Best Sites For Learning About Volcanoes