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I’ve annually encouraged readers (for the past fourteen years) to share recommendations for the best books on education they’ve read during the previous year (you can see past lists here).

I did it a little differently this year by asking on social media.  Here’s what people said (add your recommendations in the comments section!): on Mastodon:

At the top of my list is Rita Kohli’s Teachers of Color. It is a fantastic and detailed narrative of the experiences of ToC and their journeys in preparation and then K-12 schools, with lots of implications

mshelbyann on Instagram:

It’s not a book but I felt it changed my thinking and also reconciled some of my own questions around reading and teaching reading. It’s a podcast called Sold a Story. It’s a 6 part series but worth the time.

curlyflwr from Instagram:

Street Data and The PD Book. As a teacher and Instructional Specialist, both books are bridgeways from what is to what is possible.