As I’ve previously shared, we some new grandchildren.  Our earlier grandkids were born prior to the widespread presence of online tools that could be used to easily create books, so my stories were “old-school” – oral and/or hand-drawn.

So, as I’ve mentioned, I’ve been repurposing those earlier stories and creating personalized hard-copy books (see “BookBildr” Lets You Easily Create PDF & Paper Children’s Books – Do You Know Of Other Similar Tools?).

And, since out new grandkids don’t live locally, I’ve begun experimenting with interactive ways to read with them at a distance (see THE BEST TOOLS FOR READING WITH CHILDREN FROM A DISTANCE).

Now, with the Artificial Intelligence explosion (see THE BEST POSTS ON EDUCATION & CHATGPT), sites specifically designed to us AI to help adults either create stories for kids on their own, or to help them create the stories jointly, are coming online.

I’ve just begun to check them out, so don’t really know if this is a “Best” list, but they look interesting.  They might have potential for use in the classroom, too.

Here is what I’ve found so far:

Pagemaster looks very good, and is free.  You give it a title and a one or two sentence description of your plot.  Then it will almost immediately email you a short story, along with suggestions about how to use it.  Here’s what it came up with after I inputted that required background.  Though the vocabulary was too advanced, I was still very impressed with it.

Other ones that you have to pay, and include more bells-and-whistles including images, include BedtimeStory.AI, StoryWizard.AI, and StoriesForKids.AI.


Two Worlds Studio (though this may not use Artificial Intelligence – it may be more like Bookbldr).



Storynaut is an app that uses AI to create stories once you input personalized preferences.

Tales Factory

Child Book

Story AI lets you create stories, but it seems to be more scaffolded then other similar tools, and that might make it more useful in the classroom.  It asks you specific questions about your story, as opposed to just asking you to give it a prompt.

AI Story Generator

Story Master


Make Tales

Whimsy Works

Oscar Stories

TinyStorie appears to be free, and lets you create online stories in English or in Spanish.  One thing I like about it is that it asks you several questions about what you want in your story first.


Bedtime Story

Scarlet Panda

I like Story Books a lot. It’s free, and lets you create illustrated children’s stories.


Create Book AI

Kids Journey


My Story Elf

Story Spark is free, and lets you create personalized stories. They have a lot of plans to upgrade, so I’d keep an eye on it in the future.



StoryTailor is yet another tool for creating personalized stories.

Tell Me A Story

Fable Fiesta is yet another AI-powered tool to create children’s stories.

Story Bee is yet another AI tool for writing children’s stories.

Fabularis uses AI to help you create children’s stories but, unlike practically all the tools on this list, you can also create hardcopy versions.  I’ve previously posted about how I write and print stories for my grandchildren (see “BOOKBILDR” LETS YOU EASILY CREATE PDF & PAPER CHILDREN’S BOOKS – DO YOU KNOW OF OTHER SIMILAR TOOLS?).  Fabularis is the first tool apart from Bookbildr that seems to let you do it.



Baby Story AI

Little Story lets you create…stories for children.

BlissFable lets you create stories for kids.

Your Own Storybook isn’t free, but I’m including it here because it is one of the few tools out there which let you create children’s stories and turn them into physical books.  I’ve written how I use one of these sites to create books for our granddaughters (see “BOOKBILDR” LETS YOU EASILY CREATE PDF & PAPER CHILDREN’S BOOKS – DO YOU KNOW OF OTHER SIMILAR TOOLS?).

My Tales

AugXLabs lets you create bedtime stories with videos.

Reading Club uses AI to write children’s stories.


Story Genius lets you create personalized stories.