Here are some recent useful posts and articles on educational policy issues (You might also be interested in seeing all my “Best” lists related to education policy here):

The “Learning Loss” Trap is from Rethinking Schools. I’m adding it to Trying To Bring Research, Sanity, Teacher Expertise & Student Voice To The “Learning Loss” Discussion.

“Exhausted majority” wants to rethink K-12 education is from Axios.

Conservatives Bring An Old Policy To A New Fight Over Public Schools is from Five Thirty Eight.

Ron DeSantis is pushing education in Florida much further right is from The Washington Post. I’m adding it to RESOURCES FOR LEARNING ABOUT ATTACKS ON “CRITICAL RACE THEORY,” THE 1619 PROJECT & ATTEMPTS TO STOP EDUCATORS FROM TEACHING ABOUT SYSTEMIC RACISM.

I’m adding this tweet to The Best Resources For Banned Books Week:

Accountability Systems Must Offer More Than School Grades is from Scott Marion. I’m adding it to The Best Evidence For Why Giving Schools “Report Cards” Is Bad — Help Me Find More.

Educators of Color Make the Case for Teacher Diversity is from The Education Trust. I’m adding it to New & Revised: The Best Resources For Understanding Why We Need More Teachers Of Color.

Families Struggle as Pandemic Program Offering Free School Meals Ends is from The NY Times.

Florida says AP class teaches critical race theory. Here’s what’s really in the course is from NPR.

Teach For America to cut a quarter of staff in latest shakeup is from Chalkbeat.