You may have heard about the college student who created an app that he said would detect student-submitted essays using Artificial Intelligence.

Today, he unveiled a revised – and free – product: GPTZero

Here’s their announcement:


Our new product and website, built especially for educators, was just released today at It includes a host of new features including:
1) We rolled out our new model that includes sentence highlighting and much faster processing. GPTZero now highlights sentences for you that are more likely to have been written by AI, a key feature that teachers in our community have been requesting
2) We added file upload! You can upload a PDF, docx, or txt file where GPTZero will read the text and detect AI plagiarism!
3) Our new model supports larger text input and processes the result instantly! Now, has a much better interface that is user friendly!
4) We built an easy to use GPTZero API for organizations! Reach out to for access. Here’s our API documentation. Our API engineers can also customize endpoints to your needs
I think this can come in very handy this year though, as I’ve said before, it’s not a long-term solution.
I’m adding this info to THE BEST POSTS ON EDUCATION & CHATGPT.