There have been a fair number of studies that have come detailing the impact poverty can have on children’s brains, and I’ve shared many of them over the years.

I’ve also shared some ideas about what we can do about it at A Look Back: “How Income Affects The Brain” & What We Can Do About It.

A new study has come out focused on learning how structural racism can affect the brains of Black children (you can read a summary of it here).

Just as I was preparing to write a post about it, the PBS NewsHour today aired an interview with the study’s author.

In addition to the quote in the above textbox, here is what he said in the press release announcing the study’s results:

“Our research provides substantial evidence of the effects structural racism can have on a child’s developing brain, and these small differences may be meaningful for their mental health and wellbeing through adulthood,” said Dr. Harnett.

His recommendations in the video about what to do about it reflect some of the suggestions I made in my previous post.

They are reversible, but we as a society need to make the additional resources available to make that happen.