Effectiveness of Interventions that Foster Reading Motivation: a Meta-analysis is a new study (not behind a paywall!) by Lisa van der Sande, Roel van Steensel, Suzanne Fikrat-Wevers & Lidia Arends.

It has some interesting, though not surprising, info.

Here’s an excerpts:

…analyses suggest that interventions in which interest is triggered have the largest effect on affirming motivations and reading comprehension….Interest could thus be seen as one of the main determinants of a successful intervention. Providing students with reading materials that match their individual interests or devising reading activities that trigger situational interest might be seen as a precondition for motivation to arise. Interventions with and without skills instruction were equally effective in improving reading motivation and reading comprehension.

Here are two specific examples they offer of teachers triggering interest:

• Recommending books related to students’ interests (Kurnaz et al., 2020)

• Hands-on activities such as dissecting an owl pallet before reading a text about owls (Guthrie et al., 2004)


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