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It’s not unusual for us ELL teachers to welcome students who might not be literate in their home language.

In recent years, this has most often been the case for some Spanish-speaking students.

The research is clear that literacy in a student’s home language is critical for acquiring literacy in a new language (see The Best Resources Explaining Why We Need To Support The Home Language Of ELLs).

Here are some useful online resources for them (feel free to contribute more! – you might also be interested in The Best Online Resources For Teachers of SLIFEs):

The Language Guide – Spanish Vocabulary

Teacher Sulema Lira suggests ArbolABC, and it looks great!

LingoHut (be sure to set it up as the user speaks Spanish and wants to learn Spanish – or, just click here)

123TeachMe (you just need to help students see how they can avoid clicking on ads)

StoryPlace Espanol

I like this WordPie play list to learn Spanish, particularly because it’s musical.

I’m less sure about this Spanish Lessons Paco playlist.

Anton is recommended by teacher Amy Sturgeon – it’s the only site on this list that requires sign-in, though it is free.

Duolingo was recommended by several teachers, but I’m not entirely sure it it would work well with non-literate speakers.  I need to revisit it.

These sites offer simple text stories in Spanish with audio support:

The Spanish Experiment

The Fable Cottage

Let me know what I’m missing!