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At least, for now, I’m going to make this a weekly feature which will highlight additions to THE BEST NEW – & FREE – ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TOOLS THAT COULD BE USED IN THE CLASSROOM.

Here are the latest:

Quizify uses AI to create…quizzes.  It’s free option is a decent one.

Bing has now unveiled a text-to-image Image Creator, though you have to log-in to your Microsoft account to use it.

Hugging Face now has a text-to-video tool that doesn’t work very well.

Runway Research has a text-to-video tool that seems better.  You can make a few videos for free.

Consensus lets you ask a question, then uses AI to scour research to find simple one-sentence answers, along with links to the full research.  I’m adding it to The Best Tools For Academic Research.

Quizgecko uses AI to create a quiz from any text or url. You can use it for free with texts of less than 5,000 characters (less than 1,000 words), but it’s much too costly to subscribe (at least, in my opinion). For similar free or much lower-cost tools, check out THE “BEST” TOOLS FOR AUTOMATICALLY TURNING TEXTS & VIDEOS INTO INTERACTIVE LANGUAGE LEARNING TOOLS.

ChatGPT has released support for plugins – “Plugins are tools designed specifically for language models with safety as a core principle, and help ChatGPT access up-to-date information, run computations, or use third-party services.” I’m not exactly sure what that means, but a site called Speak is planning to use it for a language-learning tool. You can sign-up there to be on the waitlist.

Cover Letter Generator will use AI to generate a cover letter after you upload your resume and job application. I’m adding it to The Best Places For Students To Write Their Resumes. (which is different from a site I previously posted called Character.AI) lets you chat with many different characters, including a language teacher to help you learn a…language; historical characters, and people with different jobs.  Unfortunately, you’re only able to aske one character three questions before you have to pay.

Here’s a free ChatGPT extension for Chrome: