I originally published much of this in a post last year, and have decided to revise & publish it again as a “Best” list.


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As regular readers know, I have been a loud advocate of parent “engagement,” a much stronger perspective than parent “involvement” (see Chart: Useful Summary Of The Differences Between Parent Involvement & Parent Engagement; Involvement or Engagement? and my book, Engagement Parents In School.

I am, however, an equally strong opponent of parent bullying, which is being harnessed by right-wing Republican groups  to generate voter enthusiasm for their candidates, and not out of a desire to partner with educators to improve education for all children.

Others have written excellent pieces about the current parent bullying movement, and I don’t feel a need to repeat their words.

Instead, check out these articles:

Imagine a class with 25 kids — and all of their parents insist on telling the teacher what to teach is from The Washington Post.

Parents claim they have the right to shape their kids’ school curriculum. They don’t. also appeared in The Washington Post.

Parents should have an important role in education, but bullying schools isn’t it, too, is from The Washington Post.

Public Schools Have a Public Purpose is an older column from The NY Times that has relevance for today.

Parents Do Not Have A Right To Deny History is from Dan Rather.

‘Parental rights’ activists say schools are hiding curriculum. Really? is from The Washington Post.

Replying to Moms for Liberty: What about These Books? is from Peter Greene.

Parents think they know what is best for schools. But they often don’t. is from The Washington Post.


What the Republican Push for ‘Parents’ Rights’ Is Really About is from The NY Times.

Parents’ Rights Groups Have Mobilized. What Does It Mean for Students? is from Ed Week.

When Conservative Parents Revolt is from The Atlantic.