Katie Hull and I are hard at work on the second edition of The ELL Teacher’s Toolbox, but don’t plan on seeing it for another eighteen months.

We do know that it will be expanded from the first edition’s forty-five strategies to sixty-one of them, with eleven being online.  So, we’ll be adding at least sixteen new chapters (including one each written by Carol Salva and Valentina Gonzalez!).

We expect that each of the existing chapters will be revised by about forty percent, and include infographics created by Jennifer Borgioli Binis.

We think/hope that it’s worth the wait!

After this is done, Katie and I will be writing a book on teaching that we think will be useful to all educators, and I’ll probably be doing a second Student Motivation Handbook with fifty more strategies for intrinsic motivation.

Both of us might be done in our book-writing careers at that point but – who knows?