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At least, for now, I’m going to make this a weekly feature which will highlight additions to THE BEST NEW – & FREE – ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TOOLS THAT COULD BE USED IN THE CLASSROOM.

Here are the latest:

Study For Citizenship Test uses AI to help you….study for the US citizenship test.  I’m adding it to The Best Websites For Learning About Civic Participation & Citizenship.

Turn text into images with Diffusion Art. I’m adding it to THE BEST RESOURCES FOR TEACHING & LEARNING WITH AI ART GENERATION TOOLS.

Story AI lets you create stories, but it seems to be more scaffolded then other similar tools, and that might make it more useful in the classroom.  It asks you specific questions about your story, as opposed to just asking you to give it a prompt.  I’m adding it to The Best Online Tools Using Artificial Intelligence For Creating Stories For Children.

AI Story Generator seems to do the same thing, without the scaffolds, as is Make Tales.

Practice Listening and Speaking with ChatGPT is from The Barefoot TEFL Teacher. I’m adding it to THE BEST POSTS ON EDUCATION & CHATGPT.

Teachology is “ is a collection of tools for teachers and educators to harness the power of AI in their pedagogy and planning.”

Rapjam will use AI to create and perform a rap about any topic you want.  Here’s one on teaching English Language Learners.

You can create your own bots here.

Cognosys is a way to try out AutoGPT, which is likely to be the next “big thing” in Artificial Intelligence. If I understand it correctly, and I may very well not, it means that you state what your ultimate goal is in the initial prompt, and then the AI takes it from there to self-generate a bunch of subsequent prompts – and answers to them – until it reaches your ultimate goal. For example, I asked it to “Identify a specific kind of book needed for the K-12 education Market.” It then went on to add fifteen new prompts (“tasks”) and answers to them. A fair number of the answers left a lot to be desired, but as AI tools become more powerful, this kind of tool has the potential of being pretty amazing…and a bit scary.