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At least, for now, I’m going to make this a weekly feature which will highlight additions to THE BEST NEW – & FREE – ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TOOLS THAT COULD BE USED IN THE CLASSROOM.

Here are the latest: is yet another AI-powered tool to help teachers plan lessons and create learning tasks. You can try it for free, but then have to pay.

Stable Diffusion lets you create art from text prompts.  I’m adding it to THE BEST RESOURCES FOR TEACHING & LEARNING WITH AI ART GENERATION TOOLS.

Butternut AI lets you create a website using AI.  I’m adding it to The Best Ways For Students Or Teachers To Create A Website.

RapGPT is another AI tool that will create rap songs of your choice. This one is a little different in that it asks you to answer some questions about the rap you want instead of just asking for a prompt.

With Chat YouTube, just paste the url of the video and AI will let you “talk” with it.

Segment Anything is a new photo-editing tool using AI from Facebook/Meta.  Try it out here.

Negotiation Simulator might have some classroom relevance. Via chatbot, you negotiate with a bankrobber to save a hostage. It could be a high-interest activity for language development.

Graph Maker uses AI to easily make charts and graphs. I’m adding it to The Best Tools To Make Simple Graphs Online.

Dropchat lets you “talk” with any book or file.

gotFeedback – An AI Tool for Providing Feedback on Writing is from Richard Byrne. I’m adding it to The Best Online Tools That Can Help Students Write An Essay.

ChartGPT is pretty cool – tell it your data and the kind of chart you want, and it will create it (I tried this data – “The more a teacher tends to talk, the less a student tends to learn”). I’m adding it to The Best Tools To Make Simple Graphs Online.