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At least, for now, I’m going to make this a weekly feature which will highlight additions to THE BEST NEW – & FREE – ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TOOLS THAT COULD BE USED IN THE CLASSROOM.

Here are the latest:

FlashcardX uses AI to create…flashcards.  I’m adding it to The Best Tools To Make Online Flashcards.

With Song Words, you type in the name of the song and artist, and it will generate a downloadable image sharing that song’s most important lyric. I’m adding it to The Best Tools For Creating Visually Attractive Quotations For Online Sharing.

Wisdolia is yet another tool, this time a Chrome extension, for automatically creating flashcards.  I’m adding it to The Best Tools To Make Online Flashcards.

Tandem GPT and TalkPal are free online tools using AI to teach languages.  Tandem seems better designed to teach at different levels, and allows you to chat with a bot by text.  You can speak to it by audio, but it will only respond via text.  TalkPal doesn’t seem as well-designed, but you hear the audio of the bot, as well as speak to it.  I’m adding them both to THE BEST MULTILINGUAL & BILINGUAL SITES FOR LEARNING ENGLISH & OTHER LANGUAGES.

I’ve previously posted about a classroom activity I use designed to have students create simple explanations of complex topics (see STUDENT EXAMPLE OF TEACHING A COMPLEX TOPIC “TO A FIVE YEAR OLD”). There’s an online tool that does the same, but it charges, and is called ExplainLikeImFive.  However, Teaching Anything does something similar, and is free.

Summarize Paper uses AI to summarize research papers from Arxiv. I’m adding it to The Best Tools For Academic Research.

TinyStorie appears to be free, and lets you create online stories in English or in Spanish.  One thing I like about it is that it asks you several questions about what you want in your story first.  I’m adding it to The Best Online Tools Using Artificial Intelligence For Creating Stories For Children.

You probably know already that Google has ended its waitlist for Bard, its AI application, so it’s now open to everyone. Bing has done the same.

You can request access to Google’s “Test Kitchen” (I received an invite the following day).  It’s where they share their latest AI experiments.  The only one they have there now is a text-to-music tool called MusicLM (read about it here). I’m adding it to The Best Online Sites For Creating Music.