(I’m republishing my favorite posts from the second half of 2022)



Having students create identity self-portraits are excellent activities to help students reflect on who they are, and for them to learn about the diversity in their classroom.

Here are three excellent lesson ideas – all are very good, though I have to say Shana White’s is my favorite (she even gave me permission to include a description of it in our last book!):

Creating a Learning Environment Where All Kids Feel Valued is by Shana White, and it appeared in Edutopia. Here’s a video about it:


Self-Portrait Ideas for ESL Students is from English Teaching 101.

Create a portrait exploring identity and expression is from The Adobe Education Exchange.

ADDENDUM: Who am I? comes from Facing History.  You’ll need this excerpt from The House on Mango Street to do it.

Please let me know of others that you think are particularly good!