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I’m starting my unit on Artificial Intelligence this coming week (see HERE’S A DRAFT WEEK-LONG UNIT ON ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE I’M USING TO FINISH THE YEAR – HELP ME MAKE IT BETTER.– note that the link to the added introductory activity won’t be live until after we do it on Tuesday to make sure the district doesn’t learn about it and block the sites I’m planning to use).

Two new excellent articles were published in The NY Times today that I’m adding to the unit.

One is Here’s What Happens When Your Lawyer Uses ChatGPT.

I couldn’t have written a more perfect article! An attorney had ChatGPT write a brief, and it hallucinated all the court citations!

When students do a Jigsaw on a Washington Post article, A curious person’s guide to artificial intelligence, I’ll include this article as part of the activity.

The second Times column is Beyond the ‘Matrix’ Theory of the Mind by Ezra Klein.

It’s too long to use in its entirety, and even the part that I want to use – the second half focused on ChatGPT and Bard, is still long.  We’re running out of time this school year, so I’m going to encourage students to read it either alone or in small groups for extra credit, and then create a slideshow sharing what they think are the column’s four main points and if they agree or disagree with them.

Next year, when I have more time, I’ll use it as part of the an AI unit.