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This is the fourth, and final, post in a series where I’ve been reflecting on this school year, which just ended today.  You can see previous posts here.

Today is a short post.

I thought it would be helpful to me and to readers to review which online sites I most encouraged my students to use over the past ten months.

With my ELL Newcomer students, here are the sites that they would either work on as a “warm-up” each day and/or use at home for homework: the two new Artificial Intelligence-powered sites Speakable and ReadMQuillEpic!Learning ChocolateLingoHut, Raz-Kids and Duolingo.

I used games a lot, primarily near the end of class, to reinforce concepts we learned that day.  Quizizz, Kahoot! and Blooket were the primary ones.  Quizizz is clearly the most versatile of the three, and Blooket is the one students enjoy the most.  I would often have peer tutors create the games for my ELL classes, especially in U.S. History.  In my IB Theory of Knowledge classes, students had to create six-question games every time they gave a class presentation, which the audience would play afterwards.

During the second half of the year, I was having students experiment with different Artificial Intelligence-powered sites (in addition to the two I mentioned earlier).

ChatGPT and Poe were two that I used in all my classes – ELL and TOK.

Padlet’s “I Can’t Draw” feature worked very well to experiment with “text-to-image” AI in all my classes.

Of course, Google Slides and Google Docs were also used often.

Feel free to share in the comments a list of the sites you used most often this year!