I have previously posted about the British game show, Only Connect (see “Only Connect” Is A Great Game For The Classroom),  which provides you with a number of words and you have to find connections between different sets of four of them.

I’ve also posted about “Connect Fours,” which is an online tool that lets anyone create their own version of the game (see Web 2.0 Tools For Beginning English Language Learners – “Connect Fours”).  There are also other similar online games that offer ways to make your own versions.

I’ve had my ELL students play the game and also make ones that their classmates can play.

The New York Times has just unveiled their own version of it they’re calling “Connections.”

They put a new version on the site each day, though I didn’t see how you could access earlier ones.

It didn’t seem very difficult the day I played it, so I think Intermediate ELLs might enjoy it.  They could play it individually, or it could be projected on a screen with students playing it in small groups and with mini-whiteboards.

I’m adding this info to The Best Ideas For Using Games In The ESL/EFL/ELL Classroom.

Also, see “PUZZGRID” IS AN EXCELLENT INDUCTIVE LEARNING GAME FOR ELLS & ALL STUDENTS, though that site may or may not still be online.

You can create your own “Connections” game at Create A Puzzle.