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A pretty interesting study has just been released about “Asset-Based Pedagogy.”

It’s called Beginning Teachers & Strategies for Asset-Based Pedagogy, and was written by Andrew Kwok, Joseph Waddington, Jenna Davis, Sara Halabi, Debbee Huston, Rita Hemsley. And it’s not behind a paywall!

Researchers asked 2,000 “novice teachers” (they had been in the classroom four years or less) this question:

“How does your teaching account for students’ cultural, ethnic/racial, and linguistic diversity?”

I think its findings could be an excellent professional development tool.  I don’t think there’s anything new in the study – it’s just presented in an easily digestible format including practical suggestions.

I’m going to list the headings of each of the activities the teachers reported that they did.  A narrative accompanies each heading, which is why I think it’s worth reviewing the entire paper:

Pedagogically Responsive Strategies:

  • Providing language scaffolds
  • Building student vocabulary.
  • Speaking in students’ native language.
  • Adjusting Instructional Planning.
  • Integrating students’ background knowledge.
  • Tapping into students’ personal lives
  • Resources for Appreciating Cultural Diversity. 
  • Embedding diverse texts.
  • Exposure to diverse customs. 

Social Emotional Learning:

  • Creating a Safe & Inclusive Environment. 
  • Building Relationships with Students
  • Establishing a Foundation of Respect

Connecting with Family & Community:

  • Family Communication.
  • Learning about Families


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