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UPDATE: Candace’s essay is now back up at the Memphis Teacher Residency website (though at a different link from the original one).

In my book, The Student Motivation Handbook,  one of the lessons I discuss is “Helping Students Develop A Purpose For Learning” (also see The Best Resources On Students Having A “Purpose For Learning”).

In it, I discuss how I apply the findings of a research study, Boring but Important: A Self-Transcendent Purpose for Learning Fosters Academic Self-Regulation, in my classroom.

It’s an important study, and they include all the materials they uses in their experiments, so it would be possible to easily replicate it in any classroom.

However, I modified and shortened it by using an exceptional essay I found online titled “Reflection on MLK’s Paper, ‘The Purpose of Education.’ It was written by educator Candace Obadina and originally appeared on The Memphis Teacher Residency website.

Candace is going to get it available online but, for now,you can access it on The Wayback Machine.